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Visitors of Happy Nature ask us often why we do it and how can we show our body naked to everybody on the net like that...?

It wasn't that easy to do it... Of course, not for nice people and naturists all over the world... but for the other coming there only to gawk at nude women ...

Conversely, we see so much "sad" nudity on the net, nothing related to nature and freedom, only concerned with sex and money...

If you are able to share some "natural" happiness and joy with friends, it is not about "showing" yourself. Instead, it is a "proclamation" of freedom to the world, saying: I don't care for narrow-minded people; I am there only for the ones who are able to understand.

Nudity is something only "cultural"; in some countries, nudity is normal, it is not sex, just freedom.

We all were born naked, without clothing.

It is the clothes that makes people wonder, "What is under?" Of course, clothing is a good thing ... when it is cold :))))

And naturism is easier in warm countries...

But even in Finland, at the sauna, they don't imagine doing it with bathing suits... it would destroy the pleasure of feeling the body.

Feeling your body is something natural, not merely a sexual feeling.

When you feel the sun, the water, a light wind on your body, in your hair: you just like it, you don't think at that time: oh, this is exciting!

So, naturism is the same, you don't think it is exciting, you just appreciate a new feeling of complete freedom, you just feel that your body AND your mind are in complete harmony with Nature.

And today to be in complete harmony with Nature is a sort of luxury for most of us living in big towns, moving in cars, bus, tube... with air pollution, noise pollution and ... eye pollution.

So when you can feel yourself in harmony with Nature but also your body in harmony with your spirit: it is a real pleasure, rather difficult to explain, you merely experience it.

Begin to do it in your home when it is hot, stay nude and after doing it,
usually you will see how it is difficult to put clothes back on when going outside...

Why is it normal that our mind must be free and at the same time our body must be hidden, denied???

Why must we separate ourselves in two different parts?

Why is the body a dirty thing not to show to others? Why even people make love, do so in the dark??? Civilization, laws, religions....

But to deny freedom for the body is a bad thing for civilization:

In the US, a woman showing her breasts on a beach is something very rare; American girls are very shy about that, but it is at the same time the place in the world where the business of pornography and sex is the most important in the world: of course, you "create" the call, the need by "hiding" natural things...

We also respect people who don't need it.

You can be in complete harmony with yourself even if you don't do naturism. This is a personal question, some need it, appreciate it, some don't.

Everybody is free to have his own way to find happiness and naturism is not an "obliged" path to take for it.

About "showing" our body on the net, let us say that we don't think of it anymore now, on the contrary, when we saw our last naturist holiday pictures, we just said: Oh! This one would be good for Happy Nature... :))

Happy Nature is first Happy: a spirit, poetry, and beauty, then Nature: fresh air for people needing it.

It may seem strange but nudity, for people able to "feel" the real spirit of the site, is something secondary...

You must be able to "forget" it after seeing 50 or 60 pictures, then you just see a smile, a poem, a free life, a... lost paradise.

Happy Nature is also in this concept a home for all naturists from all over the world, without borders, religions, and races.

It is a home for everybody, not only a place for my pictures, our poems.

So, little by little we have more and more friends sending us their poems and/or pictures, happy to see their poems and photos next to ours, happy to participate with us, to be in this Ark of Joy.

We feel happy to "share" that with people all over the world, it is so sad to think of all the individuals, all the selfishness, everybody staying in his little flat, his little car, in his.... little life.

The world is more and more individualistic and at the same time we have so much "material" possibilities to communicate and more leisure time for it and ... everybody becomes like snails in their own shell...

So the Net was for us something able to break that, to create a community of friends all over the oceans...

And we must say it is a success, with just these little pages, Happy Nature has about 120,000 visitors per month ... 1,440,000 per year...

You imagine what it represents for two lonely people behind their computer to be able to communicate their feeling and happiness to 1,440,000 people per year ??? It is something nearly unbelievable, magic!

So when you see this result, when you receive email of people saying you that you help them to live, that they go to your site when they are in a sad mood and want to see the sun....

There are no longer cares to show your body if showing your body means all that.

Isabelle and Giovanni

a smile for you



























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